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Aims and scope

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• The journal maintains a comprehensive criminal justice perspective and it publishes not only articles focused on the "dogmatics" of criminal law, but also on matters connected to criminal law, criminal justice and criminal policy, and even those sharing borders with criminology. We do not publish works of a strictly criminological nature. We suggest submitting such articles to the Revista Electrónica de Criminología (REC - Electronic Journal of Criminology), launched by us as an independent journal in 2019 and directed by the many years deputy director of RECPC, Prof. Miguel Ángel Cano Paños (macano ARROBA ugr PUNTO es).


• The "Articles" section will include academic papers in the fields of criminal law, criminal justice and criminal policy, preferably longer than 55,000 characters / 9,000 words (about 20 pages in the journal's standard format) and shorter than 120,000 characters / 20,000 words (about 45 pages in the journal's standard format), excluding bibliography. Papers destined for these section of RECPC, which must be carried out by people who have already reached the degree of doctor (PHD), will be peer reviewed by at least two experts in the field external to RECPC.


• In the "Conversations" section, interviews with specialists in the above mentioned fields will be published.


• In the "Reflections" section, other materials prepared with rigor will be published, such as essays, reviews and notes of interest whose style or format, or whose length differs from those usually used in academic articles. It will also include press articles and papers aimed to make criminal law and justice more approachable by people in general, as well as brief commentaries or jurisprudential notes written by specialists in the field.
• In all cases, the author must also provide a summary or analytical index, as well as the title translated into English, an abstract in Spanish and English of about 1,000 characters / 160 words (10 or 12 lines) each, as well as the keywords in both languages.



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Revista Electrónica de Ciencia Penal y Criminología
Director: Jesús Barquín Sanz. Universidad de Granada
Editor: Juan Luis Fuentes Osorio. Universidad de Jaén

Subdirector: Miguel Ángel Cano Paños. Universidad de Granada
Ayudantes de edición: Álvaro Barquín Pancorbo y Samar Violeta Francisco Agra

RECPC was founded in March 1999 by Jesús Barquín

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